Second SWReno Organizing Meeting


Hello everyone,

     We are having our second SWReno organizing meeting next week (7:00 am on Tuesday the 11th of December at Java Jungle), I hope you can join. Also, please let me know if you do not care to be involved in helping organize (or staying up to date on) Startup Weekend Reno, and I will stop emailing you (no hard feelings).
     We have done a lot of touring around to look at local venues throughout the city in the last month, and with the help of the City of Reno it looks like we have the venue lined up ( and the date set (starting 22-Feb-2012). The website is live at and we have started registering people (one since launch last week without any marketing). Please let me know if you will be joining us on Tuesday, we would love to have you involved. If not please let me know how I can make these times more convenient so that you may be able to join in the coming months.
Thank you,

Daniel S. Herr