How to Proceed with Startup Weekend Reno


In planning for Startup Weekend Reno we have crafted a note with take aways form our last Startup Weekend event.

Here are some suggestions for proceeding:

Prior to event:

  • Pree-meeting: Pre-events are helpful for individuals to get to know one another. It can be hard to know if you can trust someone you just me beyond this weekend
  • Include tid-bits of education prior to the weekend
  • Have a Google Developers Group and Microsoft meeting
  • Provide good and frequent communication


  • More in-kind services, such as Facebook ads, to push market validation
  • Better layout of resources, as well as demonstration/information on how to use them

Mentoring and Education:

  • Include more tie-bits of education throughout the weekend
  • More focused and better prepared presentation topics during the weekend
  • Coaches available for more time throughout the weekend
  • ¬†More emphasis on how to use mentors (have the attendees prepare questions earlier)


  • Lower carb food, enables the attendees to keep their energy level up for longer
  • We had more coffee than we needed all weekend

Suggestions for how to proceed with the legal structure:

  • Teams are often unclear on the best way to proceed
  • Uncertainty on how to keep or remove team members legally from the company they are forming